Three Queens 718 Edit AboutOrganic Maple Syrup

Three Queens Organic started as a way to save a heritage farm from being sub divided. The 184 acre farm outside of Westby, Wisconsin has been farmed since the original Norwegian settlers came to the region. The 80 acres of North facing woods are filled with Oak, Elm and Maple trees. Early each Spring we tap our 1000 trees.  For a few short weeks the sap runs and is turned into syrup. 30 gallons of sap is boiled down to 1 gallon of syrup and Three Queens is created.

Amber- Amber syrup is made from early season sap and is lightest in flavor. Ideal as a topping for ice cream or a sweetener for tea, it is the rarest of the three queens.

Dark Amber- Dark Amber has a full  flavor and a stronger maple taste. It is our best seller and has the right balance of maple goodness.

Very Dark Amber-  Very dark is our most robust of the syrups. Coming in at the end of the season, this syrup is rich in flavor and is a favorite for pancakes, waffles and french toast.

Our Syrup is always 100% pure and natural with no additives. Just natural maple syrup the way it is supposed to be.

♠ Buy Local,  Buy Organic, and Give Something Back. ♠